Nearly three decades of military service has taught me how to effectively work collaboratively with others to reach a common goal. Education, much like the military, requires open communication and the ability to problem-solve when presented with challenges. I look forward to working with all stakeholders.


What I Believe

Rod Herring is a fiscal conservative.

Fiscal Responsibility

As a fiscal conservative, I will work to help the Clay County School District be a good steward of the limited resources we receive. Our School Board must never forget that it is your tax dollars at work. I believe in working transparently and collectively with all stakeholders to achieve the best use of all public funding.


Recruit and Retain Quality Teachers

We have an obligation to recruit and retain the best and brightest teachers, creating a synergy throughout every school in our district. We must provide our teachers with the resources they need to be successful in the classroom. We must also provide our teachers and support employees with a livable wage and benefits to support their families. Quality teachers build quality schools which results in a quality education for our students.


Safe Schools

Every parent, teacher, and student deserves to feel safe on any school campus or bus. Our schools must not be soft targets, nor can they become cesspools of fear. In addition to proper training to handle bullying, threats of violence, and drug activity, the Clay County School District must also address mental health issues to work towards prevention before incidents occur. Our School Board must be proactive rather than reactive.

If we put quality in we can expect quality out. Every School, Every Community, Every Teacher .

Equity for All Students

As Clay County continues to grow, we must ensure that all of our schools receive an equal share of the limited resources. We cannot short change our students or the communities we serve. As your School Board Member, I will work to ensure all students from Keystone Heights and Clay Hill to Green Cove Springs and Oakleaf receive the same access to specialized programs and the same quality education.

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